About TISSA ImCut AG

We are TISSA ImCut

The core competence of “Tissa ImCut AG” is the coating and making-up of technical fabrics.

In particular, the company focuses on the phenolic resin coating of glass mesh fabrics, which are used as reinforcements for grinding and cut-off wheels. The products are 100% exported, mainly to Europe, but customers in South America and the USA are supplied as well.

We are an owner-managed family business and have two production sites:

  • the parent company in Switzerland
  • a subsidiary in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Tradition obliges

TISSA has been manufacturing sophisticated technical fabrics in Oberkulm since 1963. The roots of the company go back to the times of the emerging industrialization, when the water power originally used by grain mills was gradually used for other purposes. Since its foundation, the company has been in the hands of the Schneeberger family.

In 2003, the company was split into two operating sister companies:

  • “Tissa ImCut AG” concentrates on the finishing and making-up of technical fabrics.
  • “Tissa Glasweberei AG” focuses on the production of customer-specific special fabrics. The core competence lies in the weaving process of technical raw materials such as glass, carbon, aramid, basalt but also polyester, polypropylene, Dyneema or Zylon.

Thanks to years of experience, trusting cooperation with customers and suppliers, as well as good networking with cantonal, national and international universities and research institutes, the two long-established companies succeed time and again in launching high-quality and innovative products for a wide range of applications.

TISSA is considered a true pioneer in the textile processing of glass fibers. Not least thanks to its many years of experience with technical yarns, the company today stands for continuous innovations and developments of forward-looking technical fabrics. TISSA sees itself as a leading problem solver in the field of textile reinforcements for plastics. This competence, in addition to the high production flexibility and customer proximity, is highly appreciated by a growing, highly demanding clientele from a wide range of industrial sectors.


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